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Welcome to the website of the NJ Cooperative Education & Internship Association!

Welcome to the website of the NJCEIA. We are an organization comprised of New Jersey employers and institutions of higher education with the common goal of providing/connecting students to internship and cooperative education opportunities. Become a member by clicking the "Join" button above!

Our Mission

NJCEIA is committed to encouraging New Jersey colleges and universities to adopt the concept of Cooperative Education and Internships; to building partnerships among all New Jersey Cooperative Education colleges, universities and employers; and to providing support to strengthen new and existing Cooperative Education and Internship programs.

Click here to download the NJCEIA Constitution and Executive Board Job Descriptions.

The following goals have been established as current and ongoing:

  1. Develop and strengthen regional affiliations.
  2. Improve and expand services to employer, faculty, student and institutional participants.
  3. Provide assistance and training to educational institutions and employers with new, existing or expanding cooperative education and internship programs.
  4. Provide up-to-date information about NJCEIA members’ programs: research, evaluation, quality control and innovation.
  5. Train and encourage members to conduct research and use evaluation strategies to strengthen cooperative education and internships through a practitioner award program.
  6. Encourage student participation and recognition through a student award program.
  7. Develop state, federal and corporate support of cooperative education and internships in New Jersey.
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Upcoming NJCEIA Events

Upcoming Career Fairs (Open to the public)

Centenary College Spring 2015 Career Fair
Wed., March 11, 2-5 PM Lackland Center (Hackettstown)

Download the Fall 2014 Newsletter here!

If you are an employer interested in starting an internship/co-op program, please see the following resources below:
CEIA      NJACE      NSEE      NACE

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